We Are Faced with A Global Condom Shortage Due to The Coronavirus

Since the initial coronavirus outbreak, we have been faced with many challenges. Many of us have lost their close ones, their jobs, their businesses, etc. and we had to learn that money is not worth anything if you do not have your health. But today we learn about yet another great challenge that we are about to face – a global condom shortage due to the coronavirus.

A global condom shortage happening due to coronavirus

Practicing safe, protected sex by using a condom is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and potentially life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But how are we supposed to practice safe sex if there are no condoms left in the world? Are we looking at STD numbers increasing in the following months due to the global condom shortage? The answer to that question is, unfortunately, yes. 

While the coronavirus has shut down many small businesses, restaurants, cafes, and shops, it has also put a lock on one of the biggest condom manufacturers – Malaysia’s Karex Bhd. Karex Bhd. is responsible for the production of one in every five condoms worldwide. Now, we are looking at a shortfall of 100 million condoms that has happened since the manufacturer has been forced to shut down its production. 

But Malaysia’s Karex Bhd. is not the only large condom manufacturer that has been affected by the coronavirus and forced to put a stop on their production. One other major condom-producing country is China which has now become recognized as the first country ever hit by the new coronavirus since early December.

The good news is that the company has been permitted to restart its production again, although with only half of its workforce. This would be the solution to protect the workers and still supply the world with the needed amounts of condoms to protect our reproductive health. 

However, for the people living in Africa where the number of new STD cases is constantly increasing, this temporary condom shortage will reflect negatively, causing even greater losses. If the rest of the world has to deal with a condom shortage for only two weeks to a month tops, things are not the same when it comes to Africa. In Africa, the condom shortage is expected to last up to a few months, which is scary and dangerous.

And a condom shortage could result in not only a rapid increase in STD cases but also in new coronavirus cases. If an unwanted pregnancy or an STD case is to happen, the people would have to go to the hospitals and ask for help – a place where we have all been advised to avoid except in major emergencies. Luckily, the Durex – one of the major brands, is offering their products online to help supply every one of us with the needed help to protect our reproductive health.





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