Shipping information

At, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly and in excellent condition. To achieve this, we have partnered with two of the leading shipping providers: FedEx and Ghana Post. Each shipping service offers unique benefits and some limitations, tailored to meet various needs and preferences.



  • Speed: FedEx is renowned for its fast delivery times, making it an excellent option for urgent orders.
  • Tracking: Offers comprehensive tracking options, allowing customers to monitor their package’s journey in real-time.
  • Reliability: Known for its reliability, FedEx ensures that packages arrive safely and within the expected delivery window.


  • Cost: FedEx services can be more expensive than other options, particularly for less urgent shipments or very remote areas.
  • Availability: In some rural areas of Ghana, FedEx’s coverage might be limited, affecting delivery times.

Ghana Post


  • Nationwide Coverage: Ghana Post has an extensive network across Ghana, ensuring delivery to even the most remote areas.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally offers more affordable rates than international couriers, making it a cost-effective option for non-urgent deliveries.
  • Local Knowledge: With its long history and local presence, Ghana Post staff have valuable local knowledge, which can be advantageous for deliveries in challenging locations.


  • Speed: Deliveries through Ghana Post may take longer, especially compared to premium services like FedEx.
  • Tracking: While Ghana Post offers tracking services, they may not be as detailed or user-friendly as those provided by FedEx.

Choosing the Right Shipping Option

When selecting a shipping method for your order from, consider the nature of your purchase, how quickly you need it, and your location. For urgent medical supplies where time is of the essence, FedEx may be the better option. If you are seeking a more budget-friendly solution and can afford a longer delivery window, Ghana Post could be more suitable, especially for deliveries to or within more remote areas of Ghana.

Regardless of your choice, is dedicated to facilitating a smooth and satisfactory shipping experience, ensuring that your medical supplies reach you in the best condition and as quickly as possible.