Whiteheads On Penis: Causes And Treatment

There is a rising incidence of certain sexually transmitted infections that can affect the genitals of male patients. Human papillomavirus is one of these conditions, affecting an estimated 49% of the male population. Studies also suggest that about 35% of men may be infected with a higher risk of human papillomavirus. When whiteheads develop on the penis, men will often consider it a sign of a sexually transmitted infection first. This can be worrisome for a man. It is important that men understand whiteheads on the penis do not always mean they have been infected with an STD. 

What Causes Whiteheads On Penis?

There are a few factors that can cause a man to develop whiteheads on his penis. The most common would often be acne – which means the bumps are literally whiteheads. Acne is most commonly found on the face and the back, as well as the chest. It is, however, possible for whiteheads to develop on the skin of the penis too. 

If whiteheads develop on the penis, they will usually be present at the base and shaft of the patient’s penis. 

There are other causes for bumps and whiteheads to develop on the penis too, however. 

Similar to whiteheads, many of the other causes behind these bumps are considered harmless. Some of these examples would include:

  • Pearly penile papules
  • Fordyce spots
  • Tyson glands
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Lichen planus

While many cases of whiteheads on the penis would be considered harmless, there are some cases where the man may be infected with an STD. Men should consider the following conditions a possibility too:

  • Genital wards (human papillomavirus)
  • Syphilis
  • Genital herpes

Treatment Options For Whiteheads On Penis

When whiteheads on the penis are caused by acne or another less serious problem, then the condition may clear up on its own. Still, some men may want to find ways to get rid of these whiteheads faster. There are a few potential treatment options that a man may consider. 

Men should avoid touching the specific region of their penis where the whiteheads are. This can cause the whiteheads to spread. Hygiene is also important, as this can help to prevent a build-up of oils and bacteria. Men should also not pop whiteheads. This may lead to scarring, as well as irritation. 

There is some medication that can be used to treat whiteheads on the penis too. 

Whiteheads And STDs

Men who develop whiteheads on the penis can sometimes be infected with an STD. There are, however, a lot of cases where these whiteheads are not something to be concerned about. These are actually very common among the male population and often do not require treatment. Men should still recognize the signs of something more serious. 



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