Genital Herpes in Ghana

The grim statistics of the spread of genital herpes is disturbing. More and more young men and women are finding themselves in dangerous exposures of the disease. It is good that some organizations are taking the lead in creating awareness for better sexual interactions. As in most societies, the youth and women from underserved communities are the most vulnerable. In addition to that, there is a need to improve the educational awareness of the communities.

In doing so, you create an avenue that most people will participate in and formulate their coping strategies. Due to the gap that exists between the leaders and the people in society, meaningful interaction does not exist. Equally, the prevalence of genital herpes continues to ravage the young and old.

Prevalence Statistics of Genital Herpes among Ghanaians

Again like in other studies, it is the women who discover their status on genital herpes. This happens when they undergo cervical screening. Since most of them come from poor backgrounds, they find out about herpes when they are over the latent stage. Poverty and ignorance are the two main reasons for the late diagnosis.

In combating the spread of HIV, the Ghanaian authorities need to put genital herpes into consideration. In the populations where HIV is high, most of the people are testing positive with herpes. This means there is a high rate of sexual activities across the spectrum. More stakeholders are now reaching out to the government to help in formulating a lasting solution to these endemic numbers.

Rural women are the pillars of the Ghanaian cultural setup. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are susceptible to the genital herpes menace. Poverty, coercion, and lack of proper screening all contribute to the spread of the virus. The first thing to do is helping these poor girls and mothers gain meaningful employment. That will stop the coercion and sexual exploitation for money.

Since genital herpes and HIV go hand in hand in this setup, there should be a multifaceted effort to manage both at once. In research showing the awareness and knowledge of young people on sexuality, the findings condemn both community and government agencies. Shockingly, girls below the age of 16 are engaging in sexual activities with more than one partner. Social workers need to step in and raise proper awareness of sexually transmitted diseases.


Reports after the other are urging the government to formulate and implement the measures today. The infections are in their endemic stages. Being cautious will not realize any meaningful results as of now.

The lack of appetite for policy formulation and poor accountability on the part of government agencies is contributing to the spread of the herpes virus. The civic society is doing the best it can, but the ultimate solution lies with the people. 


Gonorrhea in Ghana

Gonorrhea information

It is one of the oldest known venereal diseases to humankind. Yet it is the most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to the mutation of the disease-causing agents. Most people go for self-medication, making the combating of the disease unattainable. This is not unique to Ghana alone. It is a typical pattern in almost all countries south of the Sahara.

The campaigns against gonorrhea do much less than the intended outcome. As the spreading of the disease continues, most people resort to the traditional healers for remedy. It is easier for treatment at the shrine than in hospitals. It is high time people deal with the stigmatization of the sufferers.

Prevalence Statistics of Gonorrhea

Though it is the women who come forward for medication after testing, the men stay behind. The irony of the matter is the regular statistics in any testing campaign proves that more men have the disease than women. The government needs to address the reluctance to medication in men as soon as possible.

Like in the campaigns against chlamydia, men are shy to come forward and admit they have gonorrhea. Most of them are either in a marriage or in a sexual relationship. Coming forward will expose the extramarital affairs that go on.

Resistance to Drugs

The worrying trend in the recent findings shows that there are many people with a type of gonorrhea that is highly resistant. The tests with conventional drugs are proving futile. The resistance build-up may be a result of self-medication during an infection. After the usage of several antibiotics, the disease develops a high tolerance for regular medication.

It is not a wonder for the disease to be highly resistant to drugs. Most of the government clinics and hospitals lack proper medication for infectious diseases. This gives the traditional healers the power to lead in treating most patients

Mitigation Measures

In the first place, the relevant agencies have to change tact on how they approach this problem. The traditional way of waiting for people to come for testing is not bearing fruit. There must be another elaborate campaign of having people go for testing. In other sub-Saharan countries, the testing personnels visit people in their homes. Though the testing is voluntary, the results are bearing more testing than the wait and see approach.

Many statistics prove that sexually transmitted diseases are an epidemic in Ghana. The numbers keep rising in every testing drive, yet the government is still passive. One of the recent findings is urging the agencies for further observation of the gonorrhea patterns.

Gonorrhea is more prevalent in younger men and women. They fall in the demographic group that is most sexually active and carefree. There is a high need for urgent remedial mitigation.