The Benefits of Using Portable STD Kits and Telemedicine Services in The Time of Coronavirus

For a lot of people, especially the African population, STDs and reproductive health are somewhat of a tabu – topics that are to be discussed in secrecy or to be not discussed at all. The feelings of fear and shame that have been often linked to the topics of STDs and reproductive health are partially the reason why there is an ever-growing number of new STD cases in Africa whereas we see a promising decline while talking about the rest of the world.

Relying on portable STD kits and telemedicine services in the time of coronavirus

Luckily, the researchers and doctors have been working on finding a solution that would help make diagnosis easier and the affected individuals would get properly treated later. The solution lays in the portable STD kits which can be purchased easily online. A perfect example is the portable STD kits offered by GhanaMedicals. GhanaMedicals are offering their portable STD kits for a discounted price to help the fight against STDs in the time of the new coronavirus.

They are offering portable STD kits for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, genital herpes, and much more. More and more people rely on portable STD kits to let them know if they have been affected by any dangerous STD or not since they get to order their kit anonymously online and do the test at home. Then the sample is to be sent to the laboratory, again in complete anonymity, and the results would be sent in a few days. All of the needed instruction and materials are provided with the portable STD kit. 

But it seems that now, the portable STD kits have gotten a new meaning. Since the new coronavirus outbreak, we are living in fear, as we are encouraged to stay at home and avoid going to the hospital except for emergencies. Having a portable STD kit would certainly make things easier in detecting the presence of STD and asking the doctor for help by using telemedicine services later.

Telemedicine services involve the use of technology and electronic communication to provide proper medical services without the patient visiting their doctor at the office. Using telemedicine services, the doctor can provide advice and even a proper prescription for any medications that are required to be used given the situation. 

Combining portable STD kits and telemedicine services is a great option for keeping the visits at the doctor’s office to a minimum and with that – the rates of coronavirus as low as possible. With this, you will still be able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment and prevent any serious complications that are expected to happen due to untreated STD. 


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