Coronavirus Lockdown May Help Reduce The Spread of STDs

Novel coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, has spread across the globe in a relatively short timeframe. The number of new infections keeps increasing and governments are introducing new, stricter measures to keep their citizens safe and prevent the pandemic from spreading even more. Coronavirus lockdown has changed our lives in many ways. People need to work from home, kids don’t go to school, everything has changed. What’s more, coronavirus lockdown may help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

How can COVID-19 reduce the spreading of STDs?

The primary reason why STDs spread is that people engage in risky sexual behaviors and practices. It’s not uncommon for men and women to have multiple sexual partners. All these things can increase the likelihood of developing STD and spread it to other people who, then, go on to pass on the infection to someone else. The cycle continues! That being said, coronavirus lockdown has basically “forced” people to stay home. They no longer meet up with multiple men and women. At the same time, they do not practice risky sexual behaviors. In turn, the likelihood of STDs decreases and so does the chance to pass them on to someone else. 

It’s also worth noting that COVID-19 has increased stress and anxiety in millions of people around the globe. Both stress and anxiety decrease libido thus making a person lose interest in sexual activity. This could also be a reason why coronavirus lockdown could reduce spreading STDs to other people. Nobody wants to get infected so any type of contact with other people is reduced to a minimum. In fact, you are your safest sexual partner

Can I get COVID-19 through sex?

Novel coronavirus disease has sparked many debates and raised a lot of questions, particularly because it’s a new condition and little is known about it. That being said, there is no evidence nor confirmation by any health regulatory body that people can pass on COVID-19 to their partner through sexual intercourse. However, you can spread the disease through close physical contact. You see, the virus is spread through tiny infected droplets that you expel when sneezing, coughing, or exhaling. Then, these droplets can reach the nose or mouth of the other person and the infection is spread.


Coronavirus lockdown could reduce the spread of STDs in many ways. People limit their physical contact with other people, but also stress and anxiety have a negative impact on their sex drive. Bear in mind that protecting yourself from COVID-19 requires regular hand-washing and maintaining social distancing, as well as other safe practices recommended by healthcare experts. By protecting yourself you are actually protecting other people. 


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