PSA Rapid Test Cassettes


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PSA Rapid Test Cassette


The Rapid PSA Test Cassette detects the prostate-specific antigen in whole blood, serum and plasma. The prostate specific antigen can hint at changes in the prostate, like e.g. inflammations, prostate enlargement and prostate tumours. The PSA test thus serves the early detection of prostate tumours and can be used in annual cancer screenings.

Product Overview:

  • PSA test cassette pouched
  • For detecting prostate specific antigen
  • Specimen: whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Cut-off limit: 3ng/ml
  • Test results within 5 mins
  • storage temperature: 2 t0 30 degree Celsius
  • 40 test cassettes per box
  • Buffer solution
  • Disposable pipettes
  • Instructions for use