Chison Linear Transducer L7M-A


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Chison Linear Transducer L7M-A

The L7M-A linear transducer can be used with the Chison ECO 1, ECO 2, ECO 3 expert, ECO 5 and ECO 6 ultrasound machines. In addition to sonographic examinations, the transducer is suitable for use in physiotherapy, e.g. for controlled heating of soft tissue like muscles and tendons.



  • Linear transducer L7M-A
  • Main frequency: 7.5 MHz
  • Frequency: 5.3 – 10.0 MHz
  • Width: 40mm
  • To examine blood vessels, soft tissue, small body parts, the musculo-skeletal system and nerves
  • Suitable for use in physiotherapy for controlled heating of muscles