Medical Marijuana May Lead to Having More Sex

Marijuana is famous for its many benefits including treating chronic pain, decreasing opioid abuse, improving life satisfaction, and heightening libido. Many countries have legalized the use of marijuana and CBD drugs for medical purposes.  They’ve designed laws and guidelines that ensure that psychotropic substances and precursors are only used for medical and scientific purposes. However, a recent study has shown that the legalization of Marijuana has led to increased sexual activity, especially sex in people between the age of 20 and 30 years.

Scientists also discovered that cannabis makes people reluctant to use contraceptives, which in turn leads to increased birth rates.

How Does Marijuana Affect Your Sex Behavior?

Marijuana increases relaxation, sensory perception, diminishes anxiety as well as enhancing senses that contribute to increased sexual drive.  

The dose of marijuana in the body affects sexual desire or men and women differently.

High and low doses of marijuana increase libido or sexual desire in women. However, high doses of Marijuana diminish libido in men, but low doses increase their sexual arousal.

High doses of marijuana in men reduces sexual desire in men because it affects the normal functioning of the smooth penial muscles.  This can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Also, research has found out that heavy use of Marijuana reduces sperm counts in men, especially those who smoke it.

Marijuana stimulates the regions in the brand that’s associated with sexual arousal and activity. This explains the increased libido in both men and women who use it.

Negative Effects of Marijuana

Even though you might experience enhanced relaxation and sexual experience, marijuana usage may also lead to some negative effects.

Continuous use of Marijuana increases the likelihood of unprotected sex. Studies carried out in a State that has legalized Marijuana, discovered a drop in condoms for sale, contraceptives use, and increased childbirth rate. 

The study however cannot determine if the failure to use contraceptives is intentional or because of impaired judgment.

But it highlights that sensory effects from Marijuana may change the user’s attitude towards sexual risks by making them less apprehensive about the outcomes of sexual intercourse, leading in reduced contraceptive use.

Either way, this had led to increased birth rates in non-married couples. Evidence from studies also suggests there is a temporary increase in STDs like gonorrhea.

So, What Can We Learn from This?

The legalization of Marijuana is done with the best intention in mind and it mostly leads to increased sex and fertility, which are both positive and negative.

Marijuana might solve those seeking fertility treatment, but its side effects like increased STIs and childbirth rates can strain the social services.

It’s therefore important for policymakers to place these factors into consideration before legalizing marijuana.


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