Triple Sugar-Iron-Agar Medium 500g


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Triple Sugar-Iron-Agar Medium

The Triple Sugar-Iron-Agar Medium, TSI Medium,  is for the  identification of Gram-negative enteric bacilli on the basis of dextrose, lactose and sucrose fermentation and hydrogen sulphide production in accordance with standard  microbiological principles.

 The Triple Sugar Iron Agar should be used in parallel with Urea Agar or Broth to distinguish between Salmonella and Proteus species, The reactions can be interpreted as follows: Alkaline slant / acid butt- only glucose fermented, Acid slant / acid butt- dextrose and sucrose fermented or dextrose and lactose fermented or all the three sugars, dextrose, lactose and sucrose fermented, Bubbles or cracks present-gas production Black precipitate present-H2S gas production.
weight: 500g