Contec Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


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Contec Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Home use portable Sphygmomanometer

For convenient, easy and accurate measurement of blood pressure at home and clinics.

Product overview


1.Small volume, one-key measurement, easy to operate, big font in displaying, simple and easy to understand the displayed contents.

2.Support voice broadcasting(optional).

3.Start measuring manually, record each measurement data, and store up to 199 groups of data.

4.LED color screen. Automatic power off when there is no operation for a long time, achieves saving power.

5.High pressure prompt.

6.Low battery and error information indication.

7.Optional units: mmHg and kPa


Measurement method: Oscillometry

Measurement mode: upper-arm type

Measurement range:0kPa(0mmHg)~ 39.6kPa(297mmHg)

Resolution:0.133kPa(l mmHg)

Accuracy:±0.4kPa(±3 mmHg)

PR measurement range:40bpm~240bpm

Inflation: automatic inflation by force pump

Deflation: automatic multistep deflation

Display: LED large color screen

Power: Four”AA”batteries/5V Power adapter

Physical characteristic


Operation environment:


Relative humidity:15%-85%

Atmospheric pressure :700hPa~1060hPa

Storage environment:


Relative humidity:≤95%

Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hP


Cuff for adult

User manual

1 device/box