CHROMagar E. coli


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CHROMagar E. coli

The CHROMagar E. coli is for the detection and enumeration of E. coli

The presence of E. coli  in water and food indicates faecal contamination and potential presence of dangerous pathogens. Proof of contamination by faecal material from animals can be shown by the detection of Escherichia coli in a given sample. E. coli can contaminate drinking water and food to cause serious health issues.

Product composition:

  • Powder Base
  • Total-37.3 g/L
  • Agar- 15.0
  • Peptone and Yeast extracts- 8.3
  • Sodium chloride- 5.0
  • Chromogenic mix- 9.0
  • PH – 6.0 +/- 0.2

Samples include: processed food, raw materials, water, milk and environment

Storage – 15/30 degree Celsius

Up to 5000ml