Accurate Fetal Doppler FDK-201


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Accurate Fetal Doppler FDK-201

Convenient and easy to use handheld fetal doppler.


  • Doppler probe (ARM chip) Large LCD screen, clear reading.
  • One-piece design, streamlined appearance.
  • Small, hand-held, easy to carry and use.
  • Signal strength display function, convenient for users to find measurement points
  • Display: 1.77 inch TFT
  • Probe frequency: 2.5MHz ± 10%
  • Fetal heart rate range: 50bpm~240bpm Resolution: 1bpm
  • Accuracy:2bpm
  • Power consumption: <0.8W
  • Battery type: 2* 1.5V AA batteries
  • Normal working conditions:
    Operating temperature: 5ºC~40ºC Operating  humidity: 30%~80%
    Atmospheric pressure: 70.0kPa~106.0kPa
  • 1 piece per box