5 x Chlamydia Rapid Tests


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5 x  Chlamydia Rapid card Test 

Chlamydia trachomatis Antigen Rapid test kit.

You will received:

5 x  Chlamydia Test card Device
2 x  Buffer Reagent Solutions
5 x Vaginal sterile  Swabs
5 x Extraction Tubes
1 x Instructions For Use

Guide to the use of your home test kits for STDs
(please read the instructions entirely before performing your test)
For all the test kits provided:
1. Check to make sure the pouch seal is not damaged to expose the contents
2. Store at room temperature or refrigerate at 2-300C if you are not ready to test. Do not freeze
3. The test kits must remain in the seal pouch until use
4. Do not use beyond expiration date.
Sample collection and preparation for chlamydia tests
Always be ready and make sure you have uninterrupted time to perform the test, it takes some few
minutes. Before you start, get familiar with the contents of the test kit:
a. Test cassette
b. Extraction reagent  1 or A (with NaOH written on it)
c. Extraction reagent  2 or B (with HCL written on it)
d. Extraction tubes
e. Sterile female cervical swabs
f. Dropper tips
2. Follow the steps below to collect sample. Note that the quality of your sample is as good as
your result
Female sample collection
a. Use the sterile swab provided
b. Remove excess fluid or mucus from the endocervical area (endocervical is the passageway
from the inside the uterus to the vagina.
c. Insert the swab into the endocervical area until most of the tip of the swab is no more visible
d. Firmly rotate the swab round in one direction, it can be clockwise or anticlockwise
e. Leave it inside for 10 seconds and then take it out. Do not let the swab touch vaginal walls
or skin as much to avoid contamination. Perform the test immediately.

Male sample collection.
1. Before sample collection, do not urinate for at least a period of 2 hours
2. Insert the swab into the urethral orifice of the penis to about 2-4cm
3. Rotate the swab round in one direction
4. Leave it inside for 10 seconds
5. Take it out and perform the test immediately by following the steps below:
Performing the test
a. Remove the cassette from the pouch
b. Add 5 drops of reagent A (colourless) to the extraction tube
c. Immediately insert the sample swab into the extraction tube. Compress the swab to
the bottom of the tube and rotate the swab 15 times
d. Leave it for 2 minutes
e. Now, take reagent 2 and add 5 drops of it to the extraction tube with the swab
f. The solution will change colour to turbid. Compress the swab to the bottom again
and rotate the swab 15 times until the solution turns clear with a slight green or
blue shade
g. Leave it for 1 minute
h. Press the swab against the size of the tube and withdraw the swab while squeezing
the tube. Keep as much liquid in the tube as possible
i. Cover the extraction tube with the dropper tip
j. Place the cassette in a clear level surface and add 3 full drops of the extracted
solution to the sample well/hole (labelled S on the cassette)
k. Time it for 10 minutes and wait for a colour to appear
l. Read the results after  15-20 minutes. Do not read the results after 25 minutes. Discard  all used test kits appropriately.

Test illustration