Consulting Services

GhanaMedicals staff are available for telephone consultations and questions.

WhatsApp: +233503779626

Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

How to proceed:

  1. WhatsApp GhanaMedicals Staff +233503779626
  2. Confirm an appointment.
  3. Send Payment (30 Cedi) to Merchant ID: 333845.
  4. One of our consultants will call you when the payment is confirmed at the specified time agreed.

In this consultancy you will get an assessment of your STI symptoms in relation to your laboratory diagnostics and possible treatment options.

Please get in touch beforehand to ensure your payment have been received before the appointment. 20 minutes is the standard booking but you can of course book for a longer time if you want – but in most cases this is sufficient.

GhanaMedicals offer consultancy service for private individuals. You can order 20 minutes of professional consultancy for only 30 Cedi. Book your appointment via WhatsApp using this number: +233503779626. You will get a heads on guidance discussing your symptoms, available treatment and how you can prevent spreading the disease further. We can answer most (if not all) your questions, worries and give you high quality guidance in your approach. If you have a STI it’s important to identify this early on to prevent severe complications and to get the necessary treatment so you can get rid of the symptoms.

Profile of our chief responsible consultant:

Name: I.I. Niadawe


Medical Laboratory Scientist with more than ten years of laboratory diagnostics experience hinged on quality laboratory management systems. He endeavors to thrive in integrating his vast knowledge in medical laboratory diagnostics with public health in fostering preventive medicine. He is a registered member of the Allied Health Professions Council of Ghana.

STIs Testing and Consulting Services

Nearly, all practicing physician relies on medical laboratory diagnostics in the healthcare-delivery process. It is estimated that 60-80% of medical decisions are fundamentally based on medical laboratory results. Medical laboratory services alone account for 10% of healthcare costs. Therefore, patients must take an active role in their healthcare decision-making process to improve outcomes and cost savings. Due to inadequate laboratory capacities, most patients cannot obtain much-needed information concerning their laboratory test results from their healthcare providers. Sometimes, getting the best decision regarding your health requires consulting with experts. At Ghanamedicals, we provide professional consultation services for our clients to understand the testing, interpretations, and implications behind their laboratory diagnostics. We intend to complement the services our clients receive from their healthcare providers by helping to answer questions, encourage patient-initiated testing, discuss test results, and treatment options. At this point, we are committed to providing STI laboratory consultations to ensure that our clients receive professional services required for cost-effective and appropriate utilization of their test results.

Available Consulting Services

  1. STI testing- gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis, and herpes
  2. Untreatable STI
  3. Hepatitis B profile testing and interpretation of results
  4. Interpretation of laboratory test results and treatment options